Lok Gathbandhan Party flays UP govt for Deoria shelter home sex abuse

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Lucknow, July 7: The Lok Gathbandhan Party today criticised the BJP government of Uttar Pradesh for sexual abuse of inmates of girls in a shelter home in Deoria. The party said the commitment of the crime was not possible without the active connivance of senior officers of the districts with their political links in Lucknow. The LGP said a thorough investigation is required to expose all those involved in the crime.

Close on the heels of Muzaffarpur shelter home sex violence in Bihar, the spokesman of the party said here on Tuesday that UP BJP government is fully responsible for the sexual crime and just transfer of few officers or suspension is a face saving efforts which cannot condone the crime. The spokesman said such a heinous crime of sexual violence was not possible for a long time without the knowledge of the officers. The spokesman said it is also surprising that despite order for the closure of the shelter home for its shady activities it was allowed to operate and the district police just turned blind eye to the racket. The spokesman said the people of the state wanted to know who all were involved in the crime and they should be punished.      

The spokesman said the failure of the police indicated that all the criminals involved in the violence enjoyed governmental patronage because they were politically well-connected. The spokesman said while the local police maintained stoic silence, the racket came to light only after the escape of a 10-year old girl from the shelter home, who narrated the whole ordeal to the police. The spokesman thus said an independent high level investigation is required to fix the responsibility at the higher level. The spokesman said that the shelter home was running illegally. The spokesman said at a time when the NDA government has been raising Beti Bachao slogan, the revelation in Deoria after similar case Muzaffarpur in Bihar has badly exposed the BJP’s hallowness for its concern for the girls. The spokesman said with protectors turning predators in the shelters, there is need for regular social audits in homes for destitute girls. The spokesman said had it not been the girl who escaped, the prevailing situation in the shelter home might never have come to light in Deoria.


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