Divisive agenda of Governance

Unity in Diversity is our national heritage.It  is enshrined in our Constitution also.However,politics continues to assault it relentlessly.Currently ,the most savage manifestations of this assault are defining governance,or rather,absence of governance,on a pan India level.After tall electoral promises made by BJP to win power ,which included fifteen thousand to every household,roti,kapda,makaan for all  -Modi has failed to deliver on every front.The people are not taken in by his propaganda .they are demanding their due .Modi’s Government Acche Din an illusion.Hence the same divisive agenda has been resorted to. Aggravating Casteism,Communalism are surefire tactics to divert public attention from their failures.

                              Hence atrocities on the poor,deprived and backward continue unabated.Huge Dalit bandhs throughout India articulate this angst. A recent survey report of Social Attitude Research India has revealed how the problem is persisting in  the country, especially in rural areas where the menace of untouchability continues unabated. Along with caste-based  political formations , major parties have resorted to keeping casteism alive to serve their vested interest and their slogan for social equality has been proved just a farce.Hence tokenism,abetted by media projections-dining with a dalit,spending a night in a Dalit household make headlines -whether BJP bigwigs are doing it or Rahul  -no substantial change occurs as is proved by statistical data too.

          An action plan  is not enough.A growth plan for downtrodden and have-nots with major thrust on primary education and just social distribution must be effectively implemented.The public education system must be re-oriented to ensure Dalit children enroll and stay in school.Education is a cost-effective tool to ensure that disadvantaged children get more equal footing in later life.  Rampant corruption in various government sponsored poverty alleviation programmes have failed to effectively change the ground situation, hence rooting out corruption from the system is essential to achieve the target.The nefarious casteist mindsets of power-hungry and corrupt political parties must be resisted.

Caste-based political parties have worsened the situation over the years causing immense intolerance and bigotry among the communities.A government, firmly believing in no caste discrimination in politico-socio-economic field, and relentlessly working in this direction by promoting every segment of the society has to be elected  .Prevailing casteism has not only destroyed the social fabrics but also has hampered a balanced development and welfare for all. While in rural milieu the divide still appeared to be sharp, the equally worrying phenomenon is its prevalence in urban areas and institutions. The  quota system has helped in uplifting and empowering the dalit community but the community still needs to be given proper level playing field for its growth and welfare.Their dignity and self respect must be inviolate.


                       Ambedkar had rightly asserted that “the world owes much to rebels who would dare to argue in the face of the pontiff and insist that he is not infallible.’’ All these maai baap styles of governance,wherein every government becomes corrupt and unassailable after assuming power and fattens itself by preying on funds of the backward ,depriving and deserved and only promotes the fortunes of the likes of nirav modi or their own kindred-need to be resisted ,fought and corrected  permanently.Honest politics will only redress social evils by honest action.It is overdue now .

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