Lok Gathbandhan Party condemns UP police for murder of Apple Executive Vivek Tiwari

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Lucknow, October 1: The Lok Gathbandhan Party today slammed the Uttar Pradesh police for turning trigger-happy in the name of controlling law and order in the state. The LGP said the cold-blooded murder of an innocent person Apple Executive Vivek Tiwari, in Lucknow is the latest example of the state police and law and order machinery running amok.
The spokesperson of the party said here on Monday that the state police have become absolutely uncontrollable because of the failure of leadership. The spokesperson said murder of Tiwari by the UP police has given enough indication about the prevailing situation in the state. The LGP, offering condolence to the bereaved family, has assured all possible assistance to the family in this hour of crisis. The national president of LGP and former Secretary Government of India Vijay Shankar Pandey, in a statement, has condemned the brutal murder of Vivek Tiwari.
The spokesperson said this is not the first time that the police have shot dead an innocent person. In February last Noida police had killed a man in the name of encounter. The spokesperson said the police, which have got licence from the state chief minister Yogi Adityanath to eliminate criminals, have in fact resorted to killing of even innocent persons also and has been found settling personal scores in the name of encounters on several occasions. The spokesperson said the LGP is not opposed to elimination of hardened criminals who fire upon the Police and who have become menace in the society but the way UP police has now been behaving, is disturbing and dubious. The very definition of encounter clearly stipulates the response of police to retaliate to the extent of liquidation of criminals only when the later resort to firing upon the police force and it does not extend to a right to kill an innocent person merely on the name of encounter.
The spokesperson said for this prevailing situation in the state, the Supreme Court had issued notice to the UP government in July last in connection with 1500 encounter cases among which at least 58 people have been killed. The spokesperson said in fact such a policy will not help in controlling crime but will only lead to the state of anarchy. The spokesperson said UP police instead of becoming saviour of the people has become most exploitative force and the situation has further worsened because of the BJP’s slogan of “bullet for bullet” in crime control and has caused consternation among the people. The spokesperson said the BJP was voted to power on the lone issue of worst crime situation in Uttar Pradesh during SP government coupled with bad governance and massive corruption, but it too has failed in making any change in this connection during the last one year. The spokesperson said the government will have to review its strategy towards crime control.

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