With Pandemic, declining growth economy is in coma: Log Party

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Lucknow: September 29: With Covid-19 Pandemic ravaging the country the Log Party today said bleak economic condition is unlikely to be improved in near future. The Log Party said the Indian economy which is in coma because of massive disruption in industrial and business activities for the last seven months and further downward trend cannot be ruled out.
The spokesman of the Log Party said here on Tuesday all the internal and external surveys have presented a grim economic scenario with continuous decline in GDP. The spokesman said that in view of the prevailing bad economic condition there is no possibility of improvement in the future also thereby further affecting the poor people. The spokesman said possibility of any major initiative aimed at resolving the serious problem also appeared to be far-fetched and several governmental interventions have so far failed to yield positive results with people facing massive job loss and reduction in their income. The spokesman said unfortunately the crisis is absent from the political narratives. The spokesman said woes are compounded by the disaster in agriculture and industrial sectors. On farm sector quarter after quarter growth is also disappointing, showing that the basic impulses are missing in each agricultural season which reflected policy inadequacy in implementation, the spokesman added.
Calling upon the people to be vigilant of prevailing economic crisis caused by Pandemic and also directionless NDA government, the spokesman said the people seek explanation from the NDA about its performance on this front. Instead of swaying away by emotional slogans, communal and casteist overtures, the spokesman appealed to the people to pressure the government for corrective measures. The spokesman said Log Party has introduced a concept of new politics based on honesty, transparency and good governance.

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