VS Pandey intensifies campaign in Faizabad, calls upon people to reject corrupt politicians

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Ayodhya/Lucknow April 19: The Lok Gathbandhan Party national president and former Secretary Government of India Vijay Shankar Pandey today said that rampant unemployment, agrarian crisis, which is largely responsible due to massive corruption has assumed serious dimension but no political party is interested in raising these issues. Mr Pandey addressing a series of public meeting in rural areas as a part of his election campaign in Faizabad, said that except political rhetoric and misleading promises, these parties are least concerned with the problems of the poor people.
Mr Pandey, who is contesting Lok Sabha election from Faizabad, has been vigorously campaigning door-to-door in rural and urban areas and has succeeded in getting huge response from the people. People of Faizabad-Ayodhya who are facing utter neglect over the years have seen a ray of hope in his candidature and his approach of “new politics” and have come out in his support. Addressing gathering in several villages on Friday Mr Pandey said that LGP was committed to solving grassroot problems of people which is not possible without weeding out corruption in the governance. Mr Pandey told the people if situation is to improve corruption has to be eliminated which is at a root of every crisis. Mr Pandey said corrupt politicians holding vice-like grip over the system for decades have destroyed the whole government machinery. Mr Pandey has thus called upon the people to throw them out and support honest LGP candidates in UP and Gujarat.

Mr Pandey told the people that both UPA and NDA governments have only exploited them and completely ignored their problems. The people apprised Mr Pandey how corrupt official machinery has looted them over the years. Mr Pandey assured that he would help them in getting rid of the corrupt officers. Mr Pandey asked the people that 2019 Lok Sabha election has provided an opportunity to the electorate to usher into an era of clean politics under the banner of LGP. Mr Pandey further said the people should also frustrate the efforts of corrupt political parties which are trying to push public-oriented issues under the carpet. The LGP has succeeded in creating awakening among the people about the prevailing situation under the present political dispensation in UP and at the centre.

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