UP law and order situation continues to be bad: Log Party

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Lucknow, October 02: The Log Party today said that crime situation continues to be bad in Uttar Pradesh as rising crime against women is a matter of deep concern. The Log Party said rape and murder of women in Hathras, Balrampur and Azamgarh during the last 15 days have exposed chinks in law and order machinery in the state.
The spokesman of the party said here on Friday that the state has of late registered increase in crime. The spokesman said state government turning defensive has reeled out NCRB data to find an escape route from criticism but the ground realities and general people perception among the people is absolutely different and reminiscent of bad era of previous BSP and SP government when crime against women had also registered sharp rise. The spokesman said even after lapse of three years’ in power the BJP government has not been able to improve the situation on law and order and crime.
Pointing out that the BJP government’s priorities do not appear to be controlling the crime, the spokesman said the BJP leaders are simply interested in directionless emotive issue. The spokesman said criminal acts against the women, the cases of murder, child abuse and dowry deaths have specially registered a sharp increase in the state, which amply indicated utter failure of the state police machinery.
The spokesman that the BJP government has been making desperate efforts to present a rosy picture of improvement but ground realities indicated that the law and order continues to be bad. The spokesman said that repeated tall claims by the government over the issue is directionless. The spokesman said people are feeling disenchanted with BJP government over this issue. The spokesman said the BJP rode to power on a promise of controlling crimes, but more than after three years in power the BJP government has failed to improve it. The spokesman said the BJP government’s effort for investment is unlikely to yield any positive result because of bad law and order condition.

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