Resentment brewing among farmers against NDA govt: Lok Gathbandhan Party

Urban Mirror Correspondent
Lucknow, May 09: The Lok Gathbandhan today said that resentment among farmers for agrarian crisis is justified because the NDA government has totally failed to address their genuine grievances during the last five years. The LGP said the NDA leaders have now been making tall governmental claims to mislead the poor farmers for political gains.
The spokesman of the party called upon the people to be vigilant of these leaders who have cheated them during the last five years. The spokesman told the people that it is time to exercise their vote judiciously to elect honest and transparent leaders. The spokesman said that farm sector is in dire distress with rising cost of input and low return. The spokesman said even cash dole out have not been able to help solve farmers problems and the BJP’s promise of doubling the income of farmers has failed to take off and now the NDA leaders are not talking about the farmers crisis. The spokesman said in view of massive resentment the BJP leaders attempt to push farmers crisis under the carpet will not succeed. The spokesman further said that misleading tactics of the NDA government will not work and adversely reflect in the Lok Sabha elections. He said the distress sale of product by farmers despite minimum support prices has assumed serious dimension.
The spokesman said prevailing farmers unrest is the result of years of governmental negligence and an attitude of quick fix solution to help them out of crisis temporarily. The spokesman neither the previous UPA nor the NDA government ever took a holistic view of solution to their distress. The spokesman further said farmers are most vulnerable community depending on various natural and man-made forces for sustenance. While over the years the input cost of the farm produce has drastically gone up, there has not been matching increase in sale prices which has forced the community into debt, the spokesman said and added in the other sector market players are able to fix the prices of their production, but the farmers are always dependent on the government remunerative prices which are mismatch.

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