Problem ridden UP villages need urgent govt attention: Log Party

Lucknow, November 06: With the BJP government failing to provide adequate finances to rural areas the Log Party said today that the vast rural areas of Uttar Pradesh are in urgent need of attention as they continue to groan under the heels of multiple problems. The Log Party said the BJP government in a directionless approach is busy show-casing the state in the name of development for political reasons. The party said corona virus pandemic has further worsened the situation.
The spokesman of the Log Party said here on Friday that the UP government’s much-publicised investors conference also failed to yield positive results. The spokesman said the UP government has hardly made any effort to improve rural infrastructural facilities during the last three years where pandemic has worsened their problems manifold.
The spokesman said the budgetary provisions for current year for the welfare of farmers are not adequate as the farming community facing acute problems on various fronts and is feeling cheated with the BJP government which had promised to alleviate their sufferings. The Log Party is of the view that there is need of multi-pronged strategy to address the problems of rural areas and in this connection Log Party has chalked out an elaborate problem to reach out to the rural areas with an alternative solution. The Log Party has called upon the people to join its movement for the welfare of the state.

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