Lok Gathbandhan Party condemns Pragya Thakur for her “Godse Desh bhakt” comments

Urban Mirror Correspondent
Lucknow, May 17: The Lok Gathbandhan Party (LGP) today strongly condemned the BJP leader and Lok Sabha candidate from Bhopal Pragya Singh Thakur for her highly objectionable statement that Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse was a “Desh bhakt”. The LGP said the BJP, which is harping on nationalism, has inducted a person who has been glorifying the assassin of the father of nation.
The spokesman of the LGP, headed by former Secretary Government of India Vijay Shankar Pandey, said here on Friday that it is shameful that the country has person like Pragya Thakur and the BJP has been propping her up. The spokesman said immediately after her nomination as BJP candidate from Bhopal she had issued statement against Mumbai police officer Hemant Karkare which was also roundly condemned by the people. But now Pragya Thakur has crossed all the limits and in her pursuit of communal agenda eulogised most hated person Godse. Pointing out that she is favourite of prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah, the spokesman said the statement was deliberate to attack thoughts, life and teachings of the Mahatma. The spokesman said the glorification of Godse is an act of treason and the BJP cannot escape the responsibility for the statement of terror-accused in Malegoan blast case. The BJP’s comment that after her apology the issue is closed cannot be accepted as in the past also party’s affiliate organisation had targeted the Mahatma, the spokesman said and added the nation owes a lot to father of nation and is highly indebted to his contribution.
The spokesman said BJP has resorted to political opportunism through communal politics in the Lok Sabha elections, as they lacked agenda for development. The spokesman said such moves has only further vitiated communal atmosphere in the country. Since their performance has been dismal they have adopted divisive tactics to push major people-centric issues under the carpet, the spokesman said. The spokesman expressed concern that the country is caught in quagmire of problems filled with hatred and acrimony against each other. The spokesman said that at a time when the country has been facing immense socio-economic problems with massive corruption and mal-administration poor people are being fed with communal hatred and caste conflagration. The spokesman said empowerment of each community should be through balanced development and not by division.

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