Log Party’s call to people to weed out corrupt politicians

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Lucknow, September 26: With the Election Commission announcing the assembly election dates in Bihar the Log Party today called upon the people to root out corrupt, castiest and communal political forces which have over the years destroyed the democratic system. The Log Party said that rampant dishonesty, loot of government resources and bad governance have pushed the nation to dire distress and the situation cannot be reversed without complete overhauling of prevailing political scenario.
The spokesman of Log Party laid stress on redefining the political system with honesty, transparency, elimination of corruption and good governance. The spokesman said on Saturday there is no dearth of finances in the government for the welfare of the poor people but Mafiosi-turned politicians who have captured the political space have looted the money and have destroyed the whole system of economic development. Calling upon the people to weed out these people from politics the spokesman said the Log Party representing experienced and honest people, has chalked out an action plan to solve the problems of the people. The spokesman said the party in order to reach out the people has launched campaign to apprise them of the prevailing situation. The spokesman said the Log Party believed in “new politics” to stem the rot in the system. There is no alternative to this type of honest approach in politics and the people are accepting it as they are tired of corrupt politicians, the spokesman said and added the Log Party will succeed in its movement to save the country.
The spokesman said political parties, raising irrelevant issues to mislead the people, have been deliberately trying to stay away from real problems of unemployment, agrarian crisis, industrial slump and above all massive corruption as they have failed to address them. The spokesman appealed to the people to be vigilant of fake slogans of these parties and support the Log Party for balanced socio-economic development.

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