Log Party cautions people about disruptive forces in UP

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Lucknow, October 07 : The Log Party today called upon the people of the state to be vigilant of the nefarious design of the communal and casteiest forces which are once again desperately trying to push the state into unrest to serve their political interest. The Log Party said unfortunate incident in Hathras is just an indication in this direction.

The spokesman of the party said that with developmental activities coming to standstill, the state is passing through critical phase on law and order front. Expressing concern over castiest issues being pushed forward, the spokesman said political narratives is being shifted from the people’s welfare and development to communal and casteiest discord in the state. The spokesman thus said it is high time for the people to keep watch on these developments and frustrate the design of these forces. The spokesman said the people should shun the communal and casteist political forces which have pushed the state to the brink of disaster over the decades.

The spokesman said that at a time when the state has been facing immense socio-economic problems with massive corruption and mal-administration holding its octopus like grip over the entire system, the poor people are being fed with communal hatred and caste conflagration to serve vested interest of the political parties. The spokesman called upon the people to leave the acrimonious past behind to join the movement of the Log Party aimed at equality, protection to all, irrespective of religious, caste and other identities.

The spokesman said that instead of wasting energies on divisive issues, it is high time the people focus on social, political, economic and administrative reforms to abolish utter poverty and pave way for all round development. The spokesman said the Log Party has formulated its plan for welfare of every section of the society without any extraneous consideration. The spokesman further said party believed that the governmental schemes should be formulated without any compartmentalization of various communities. The spokesman said the Log Party roadmap for development is all inclusive with honesty, transparency and good governance.

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