Honest, transparent political system must for welfare: Vijay Shankar Pandey

Urban Mirror Correspondent

Lucknow/Ayodhya, April 18: The Lok Gathbandhan Party (LGP) national president and former Secretary Government of India Vijay Shankar Panday, who is contesting Lok Sabha election from Faizabad, said today that without honest and transparent political system, the problems of the poor people cannot be solved. Mr Pandey said honesty in politics is vital and it is high time to discard dishonest and corrupt politicians in the Lok Sabha election in Ayodhya.
Addressing series of public meetingS during his campaign in rural area of Ayodhya, Mr Pandey said the LGP is committed to devise honest ways for the solution of problems in villages which are groaning under the heels of infrastructural crises. Mr Pandey told the people that LGP, dedicated to honesty, transparency and good governance, has chalked out an action plan for socio-economic development of the people. He said agrarian crisis and massive unemployment during the last few years have hit the people badly and the NDA government has not taken corrective measures to improve the situation. Calling upon the people to rise above caste and religious considerations to exercise their franchise, Mr Pandey said the LGP stands for inclusive welfare of every section of the society. Mr Pandey appealed to the people to reject fake and misleading slogans of other parties and elect an honest and upright candidate. Mr Pandey, who was district magistrate of Faizabad in 1992-93, is getting good response from the people in the constituency.
Mr Pandey said that despite desperate efforts, the government has not been able to conceal the poor economics and job data which reflects utter failure of the government. Mr Pandey said the performance of both UP and central governments has been miserable. Mr Pandey has directly reached out to the people during his door-to-door contact with the message of clean, honest and transparent political system to serve the poor people. Mr Pandey’s message of “new politics” by overthrowing corrupt and hackneyed system, has gone down well with the people. Mr Pandey said people have all the right to know honestly what the NDA government has done for them and it should not be pushed under rug through false slogans. Mr Pandey said that the country has enough resources for the overall development of the people in education, health, rural, infrastructure development and other social sectors but the menace of rampant corruption especially at higher places has pushed the nation to abyss.

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